Chez Panisse


I ate at the lovely Chez Panisse in Berkeley today, I’m not sure exactly what connection my mum had with it, I grew up knowing about it though. I think it was just that mum & Alice Walters the owner had the same food ethos at the same time, back before it was all fashionable like now. One of mums chefs must have went to work there, as I found a letter written to my mum address from there and, though the last page with the name is missing,  I’ve been trying to track down who it was, no luck yet.

Anyway, today I finally ate there for the first time, it was like being cooked for by my mum. Beautiful seasonal food, simple, bold, straightforward, and incredibly tasty. So like my mums food, everything on the plate had a reason to be there, no sprinkles of this or stupid foams, just great ingredients cook well and by someone who understands food and flavour. The only thing that would have improve my lunch is if my mum had been sitting at the table with me. She was missed.


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