Pilgrimage of grief?


As I set off for Rome, a place I lived as a child, the place my mother moved us to when I was 8 years old, I’m wondering why I’m coming here? What is it I’m chasing? She’s been dead for four years now, over these painfully long years I always thought I wanted to come back here, but now I’m on route I’m unsure why. Is it to retrace the place we lived, the places we spent happy times together, or is it to cause myself more pain, more upset, more longing she wasn’t dead. What is this pilgrimage of grief all about.

As I continue on this journey after her death, I feel the need again to photograph things; the things I feel, the things that continue to remind me of her. The project I’m doing, and have been doing in someway or another since she died, has food (she was a chef) as the central theme, in the way flowers were the central theme in my Tulip book. So what better place to continue this than in Italy I suppose, that bit at least I know I can look forward to…

More blog posts to follow over the next two weeks of this trip.


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