The floods.

I’ve just spent the weekend surrounded by flood water in Gloucestershire, it’s quite some sight, much more amazing than you get from seeing it on the news. The water is both imposing and incredibly calming at the same time. Standing above the fields upon fields full of water, you hear the beautiful noise of moving water at your feet, but you are reminded that nature is ultimately the boss and we really have no control of it now. There was something rather lovely about seeing nature take back the very human possessions; roads, dustbins, goalpost, bossy English signs. It reminds me how small and insignificant humans really are.FLOODS_01 FLOODS_02 FLOODS_03 FLOODS_06 FLOODS_04 FLOODS_05  FLOODS_07 FLOODS_08 FLOODS_09 FLOODS_10 FLOODS_11 FLOODS_13 FLOODS_14 FLOODS_15 FLOODS_16 FLOODS_17