The Wye; my solo show at Hereford Photography Month.

My solo show opened last week part of the Hereford Photography Month, a series of exhibitions and events to generate support to hopefully reinstate the Hereford Photography festival next year. I showed The Wye project, which is the commission I won at the last Hereford Photography festival. The commission was awarded every year to one photographer to create a local project. I looked at Hereford’s local waterway; The River Wye. I spent many months travelling along the river, walking a great deal of it. I discovered it was not as much a hub of activity as I had first imagined, at times it was the complete opposite, spending many lonely days along the riverbank: just me, my camera and a backpack for company.

Here are some images of my show, and also a link to more info. If you find yourself in that neck of the woods between now and the 22nd November please take a look, also on show are Sophie Gerrard and Dan Haworth-Salter, amongst other great shows & talks.



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