The Wye; my solo show at Hereford Photography Month.

My solo show opened last week part of the Hereford Photography Month, a series of exhibitions and events to generate support to hopefully reinstate the Hereford Photography festival next year. I showed The Wye project, which is the commission I won at the last Hereford Photography festival. The commission was awarded every year to one photographer to create a local project. I looked at Hereford’s local waterway; The River Wye. I spent many months travelling along the river, walking a great deal of it. I discovered it was not as much a hub of activity as I had first imagined, at times it was the complete opposite, spending many lonely days along the riverbank: just me, my camera and a backpack for company.

Here are some images of my show, and also a link to more info. If you find yourself in that neck of the woods between now and the 22nd November please take a look, also on show are Sophie Gerrard and Dan Haworth-Salter, amongst other great shows & talks.


London Independent Photography annual show

I’m showing a print from my new project Notes from a (very) small island at the LIP annual show; currently showing at The Strand Gallery, London. It’s on till Sunday 3rd Nov. More info here.


My last visit.

I’m back for my latest, and my final, visit to the island. It’s always lovely to be back. Again this time as like others, the island has changed. There is only a couple of people on the island now and has a very much end of season feel to it. There are a few builders staying who are building a new visitor centre for day trippers to the nature reserve. It kind of spoils the peace having a JCB digging away throughout the day, but then in other ways it’s just what happens around here, daily life continues and things change, even on islands. I’m loving all the seals that have arrived, many are giving birth daily, with new pups nearly everyday. Every time you sit on a rock you realise you have an audience, they love to watch you and follow you around, then duck under the water when you look at them. I have found myself this trip taking this place and its way of life a bit for granted, like I have become accustomed to it. It’s strange how quickly we as humans get used to things, I have to keep reminding myself just how amazing this place is, and the fact that I get to come and stay on here. So I’ve just been out for a lovely night time walk round the island, it’s a strange feeling walking around the island seeing the distance lights on the mainland, it makes you realise how isolated the island really is, and quite how special it is. It’s truly beautiful and I will miss it greatly.

Cottages at night.
A bit of rain.
Me and my new mates.
The puppies of the sea.