The Hereford Project

At the last Hereford Photography Festival I won the festival commission, each year it’s awarded to one photographer to produce a body of work based on the local area, that will be exhibited at the next festival. My project was about the River Wye, I was interested in documenting the river and the way the local community interacted with it. So over many trips up to Hereford and along the river last year I completed the project. I met a whole range of people and witnessed an interesting range of activities, but what really struck me was the emptiness of parts of this once busy waterway. For most of last August I travelled, much by foot, the length of the river from the Welsh/English border to the end of the river at the Severn estuary. The project, which started as  a much more straight forward documentary project, became more about exploring emotions, the emotions I took from this environment as I spent a very lonely August walking along the banks.

I’m still editing the project, so it could develop still, but thought I should post a few images as a few people have been asking to see it. The project is due to be exhibited in Hereford in October, and was honourable mentioned in this years Magenta Awards so it may be part of the Flash Forward show next year (I think). Will upload the final edited project soon to my website.















Hereford_270_4824 _MG_6036


Hereford_183_3063    Hereford_064_3715