I’m going to really miss this place.

So it’s finally happening, we have to leave my mum’s house this week and can never go back. It’s strange how a building can become apart of your life, it’s like a member of your family, and leaving it is like another sense of loss. I suppose it’s not that hard to see why, this house is where I grew up, where I always saw my mum, and the place where she spent her last year of life. There are so many memories here, perhaps I feel like I’m abandoning them, or abandoning my mum in some way. Even though she’s dead I’m sure she would want us to sell the house and move on in someway, but I feel guilty. I don’t like the idea of other people being in her house, I’m very protective of it, like I always was of her. And I feel guilty that perhaps I am moving on in some way, however little, but I know I need to, but can’t help feeling this sense of abandonment. I tried my best to preserve all my mum’s things but this one proved too big to be able to, and the tax man was chasing it…

In the build up to selling the house I’ve tried to document it as much as possible, just taking pictures of the little things that I will miss like the wonderful light, the beautiful garden, sitting in her kitchen eating great food, or some of the things I came across that my mum had kept of my childhood, or her dodgy diy around the place. I’ll miss it all.