The sun is bloody shining!

…so I took a picture of a brick wall!


2 thoughts on “The sun is bloody shining!

  1. Dear Celine,
    Thank you for posting! It’s good to see your entitled image; the words stay together with it remarkably. It resists symbolic reading, leaves room for “my” projection–which is your earlier words: that there is the park, the tree: and you and Otis and your friends, readers will always know Sue’s ashes are there. I do not have a visual for there. Did you post one? I hear her voice on the phone, and before that, in various places we shared: bouncy steady her, telling something to me. And I am listening with love. That is a wonderful experience to remember, for me, tonight.
    Otis wrote a while back that your home is to be sold; that you two will each get a flat. A big work. Keep other’s warm hands in yours–if I may say that. Reach for them, if I may say that. I think you are kindly pressed close by friends and able to do your work. The title of this post’s image suggests you are feeling stronger. I will gaze at this image more. I welcome its advice tonight.
    I hug you. xxx Jane
    P.S. Recently very taken with John Berger. Know him? I’m sure you must.
    I come late to so much.

    1. Hi Jane,

      Thanks for your nice message. Glad you are reading my blog all the way over there.
      I am slowly starting to feel better, thank you, and I am glad my images are hinting at that. I am a bit frustrated by photography at the moment and am looking at different ways and mediums to express things. I will keep you up to date with any new work I do.
      And yes, Otis and I am selling the house, me have to. I have spent the last few weeks on and off here sorting through all Sue’s stuff, hardly throwing anything away. I would like to send you some pictures and stuff. I found old LA and New York stuff you may like to see. It’s all packed up in boxes now, but when i unpack in my new place I will send them to you.
      Lots of love Celine x
      p.s Yes i know Berger, he is very interesting.

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