Photography events I’m involved in this month…

It’s been a while since I have blogged, and I’ve actually missed it! It’s been a busy few months.

I’m involved in a few photography events this coming month, so I thought I’d let you all know when and where they are, and give you an update on my projects.

My Tulip project was shortlisted for the European Publishers Award, and the Emergentes DST award at Encontros Da Imagem Festival in Portugal. My new project about my mother’s cooking history was shortlisted for both a Lucie Foundation Scholarship and the Deutsche Bank Awards.

The shows I am involved in this month are:

Firstly, a print from my Tulip project is part of the Hereford Photography Festival Auction which is at the Hotshoe Gallery all this week, with a live auction event this Friday (7th Oct) from 6pm onwards. More info here.

Then between the 18-29th October I have a print in the London Independent Photography show at The Strand Gallery (Proud Central). The private view is Tuesday 18th October. More info here.

I am also taking part in the Hereford Photography Festival this year. My Swimmers project is part of the Open Here exhibition. The private view is on the 28th October.  More info here.

From 8th October I will be taking part in a 10 day photography artists residency in Pittenweem, Scotland. I will update you with my new project from there when I am back.

I will try to blog more often from now…