I have left Vegas, and all it’s mass of human tragedy and shit architecture.

I have left Las Vegas and am in the mountains surrounded by snow. It’s very strange, as I was sunbathing in the desert 2 days ago, now there are piles of snow everywhere. I was not expecting this, I think the locals can see this with my flip-flop footwear, lucky I do not feel the cold.

I am so glad to of left Las Vegas, what a horrible place. I am pleased to say I did not gamble, get drunk, go to a strip club, or get married. It is such a strange place, plonked right in the middle of the American desert but it could be anywhere. The whole city is trying to pretend to be somewhere else, every casino/hotel is called things like New York or Hollywood or they try to recreate parts of Venice, or Roman palaces. The whole place is build on greed, excess and all on the back of other humans misery. The casinos are terrible places, they are designed to entice you in and keep you there for as long as possible, fooling you out of as much of your money as possible. They do not care who you are, anyones money is good. I saw rows upon rows of elderly people putting vast amounts of money in to fruit machines, what I could only imagine was coming from their pensions or savings. They sell drink 24 hours a day, have cash machines everywhere and you can even bet while sitting at the bar. They deliberately make it so there are no windows so you have no notion of time passing, you can never see if it night or day outside. I saw one man in a wheel chair actually collapse at a machine and had to be taken away in a stretcher, it was beyond depressing. Funnily the casino did not want me taking pictures of this, I wonder why.

I don’t get Vegas, maybe I am just being a snob, but I hated the place, the people, and everything it stands for. I won’t be going back. I did take some pics though, here are a few:

Sums it up really.
The only green things in Vegas.
Even the trees have lights.
'New York'. I miss the real one.
Some of the many signs.

I thought looking at the metal bars on the many walk ways were more interesting than the buildings behind them. Out of focus Vegas is more appealing, to me anyway.


Off to the Grand Canyon tomorrow…


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