MA Photojournalism & Documentary Photography end of year show

‘Uncommon Ground is an exhibition of compelling new photo stories from around the globe to mark the culmination of the MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography 2010 at LCC.
Brought together by their common curiosity and pathos, these 32 exceptional storytellers question the things that unite and divide us all in a world no longer defined by its borders.
Encompassing everything from the deeply personal to issues of global relevance, the group present tales of life inside the South Korean military, floods in Bangladesh, sugar farming in Brazil, and even the subcultures of Britain’s animal psychics and London’s S&M underbelly. Poignant, political, quirky, even kinky, in cutting-edge print and multimedia, Uncommon Ground represents the best of new photojournalistic talent working on the cusp of an ever-shifting industry.’
I will be exhibiting my project Tulip, about my mother dying from cancer.
Private view Thursday 25th November, all welcome.

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