…early work.

After a visit to the Picasso museum in Barcelona, I started to think about a photographer getting an individual style to their work in the same way a painter does. It was fascinating seeing Picasso’s early work, what his college work was like, but more interestingly his early influences from other artists, and how he openly referenced them in his paintings. I found this very valuable for my major project I am doing. I am following in the foot steps of many photographers who have photographed their sick or dying close family members. Three particular photographers (Leonie Purchas, Phillip Toledano & Briony Campbell), I feel have greatly influenced me in my project have all produced amazing bodies of work and which are all so completely different from one another, yet they were all about similar subjects. All these bodies of work are fantastic, and I now know how hard they must have been to do, yet they managed to produced such intimate, loving and delicate images. This is something I really wish for from my project. If I could show in my images what is going on in my head, my life and what it is like for my mum, and manage to show it in a non narcissistic or self-pitying way I will be immensely happy, happy is maybe not the right word, but satisfied that I did this project for the right reason for myself and more importantly for my mum. It will be very hard. But looking at these photographers work definitely helps.

Leonie Purchas: http://www.leoniepurchas.com/home/intheshadowofthings/052910/selection-of-work-in-progress/?image=1

Phillip Toledano: http://www.dayswithmyfather.com

Briony Campbell: http://www.brionycampbell.com/projects/the-dad-project

If anyone wants to see my project so far please email me and I’ll send you a link to the separate blog, don’t want to make it public just yet.


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