Final Major Project: Living with Cancer…

For my final project of my MA Photojournalism course I have chosen to document my mum’s fight with cancer. Since she was diagnosed I have been documenting it, but initially I had decided not to do this as my final project. But as things went on and I tried to start the other project I realised how could I possible put any more emotion, thought and time in to any other project right now? I wanted to do something with my mum, and it is something we can do together, and hopefully both get things out of it.

So that’s my project. Not entirely sure how it will turn out, I do not have a solid plan what to do. I have started to shoot and see what happens. I know I need to document a lot of stuff, whether it will be more of what her life is like now and what she is going through, or more of a history of her life, as she has had a very interesting and varied one. She is an amazing chef, and I want her to teach me all her recipes. This time last year she was running around a restaurant kitchen bossing all her staff around and now everything is changed, I know she really misses cooking and so hope we can do lots together for the project, and for us. We shall see.

Here is a multimedia piece I made of a day of her chemotherapy treatment. I like the pace of it and the gentleness of the images. I think this is the style I will continue with.