This huge sugar refinery factory which looms on the edge of the River Thames at Silvertown, East London, just south of the City Airport, is a magnificent building, there always seems to be masses of steam pouring out of its two chimneys, and Tate & Lyle lorries rushing in and out. I used to live on the other side of the river to the factory, and would glaze at it everyday. I have always wanted to try to gain access to document its everyday working life. So after just one email and a call, I have just got back from meeting the Community Officer. I am being shown round fully next week and having a safety induction, then hopefully start shooting that day.

Here are a few images of the refinery and surrounding area I have taken. I felt really excited when I was down there and I think this will be the start of a much larger project of that part of London and the ways it is changing.

This is the disused railway just outside the factory.



  1. Hey Celine, I really like the images here where you have the chimneys and cranes alone against the sky, cutting out everything below (no’s 4, 6 & 7) (I remember you doing the same with that picture of the island you showed at the start of the course – obviously a sign of a genuine Marchbank 🙂 ). The earlier ones for me are a bit dull. No. 4 particularly, of the two chimneys smoking I love. I think I like your more graphic stuff like that best. The one framed in the window is nice too. The second to last one to me works best of the more ‘traditional’ (Homerist!) ones, the juxtaposition of the two types of building works well. Hope your shooting goes well this week.

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