As I mentioned in my last post my mum has lung cancer, after brain surgery to remove her secondary brain tumour they had to wait for her to recover before they started Chemotherapy, in this time another brain tumour had started to grow, so they decided to give her full head Radiotherapy. Here are some of the pictures, as the college project was about human relationships I tried to show her with the nurses and doctors, I’ve taken lots of other images which are part of my larger project on my mum’s treatment, I will post these later.

Before they give the radiotherapy they must fit her for a mask, they mould a hot plastic mesh material around her face to create a mask, this is then clamped to the board she is lying on so she can not move when they ‘put her head in the giant microwave’ as she puts it. This was the most horrific bit, much more than the actual treatment which was very quick.




This project is part of a much larger project I have just started. Three months ago my mum was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and a secondary brain tumour. This is her with her Oncologist (cancer consultant), who is explaining that they have found another brain tumour and that she will have to undergo Radiotherapy. I found this extremely hard to photograph.