Hello world!

Well hello world, finally I get down to properly starting my first blog, my online scrapbook as I see it. In the past I have always kept messy sketchbooks of my work, ideas, notes, other peoples work I like, now I have one I don’t need to keep in my bag weighing me down. I’m usually pretty scared of those clean white stark pages waiting to be mess up, just like this bright blog page, so I’m looking forward to filling it up as quickly as possible and try to keep it up to date, well that’s the plan anyway, lets see how I go… I saw on another photographers blog that she’s doing a ‘picture of the week’, think I will try that too.

Well here’s a bit about me. I’ve just started the MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at LCC, now 6 weeks in. It’s been hard work and fun at the same time, learnt and still learning a lot about my work and my approach to work and how to improve them both! The projects have been challenging and have taught me loads, even if the images don’t reflect that. I need to be more confident with my camera, I’m not used to poking it into peoples faces, but am learning how and actually quite starting to enjoy it. People don’t always respond the way you think they will, some are surprisingly very warm and welcoming and others who are not probably just don’t like a camera protruding into their personal space, I suppose it’s about reading people and acting accordingly.

So, in my first post I’m supposed to talk about who I am, where I’ve been and where I’m going now. Well I’m me, Celine, born in London, Camden Town to be specific. Moved around a bit as a kid, spent a couple of years in Rome, from 8-10 years old, learnt Italian then forgot Italian. I graduated from a BA in Graphic Design in 2002, then I left the UK to travel for a year before deciding not to come back, so I stayed in Sydney for 3 years, where I worked as a graphic designer. It was there that I realised my heart was much more in photography rather than design, so I moved back to London to study photography in 2005 at the LCC also, this time just a basis photography course (ppp), then after that I worked as an photographers assistant but found that extremely boring and thought they must be another way into this business. So I took a job at Reuters as a Picture Researcher, where I stayed for over a year, until I realised I was doing too many long office hours and not enough shooting of my own, so about a year ago I gave that up and worked freelance for a couple of places doing small photography projects, photoshop work, and setting up exhibitions of my own work and selling it, which now takes me to today.

Where am I going? who really know, but what I do wish is that my work improves, I try new things, push myself, learn things about myself my work and my approach, try not to be scared and if it does scare me make sure I do it even more! My work at present is more about human landscapes rather than humans, I am fascinated by the traces of people, details of everyday life, the things we collect, the marks we make and leave, the hints in a picture that people were there, but I want to make people more of a focus in my pictures, hopefully mix these two approaches to build interesting stories. I used to think I didn’t find people interesting to shoot, but I now think it’s because it scared me so I’ld shy away from it. We will see how I get on…