I recently had the pleasure of photographing Tim Andrews for his portrait series ‘Over The Hill’. He’s been photographed by over 300 invited photographers since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. See the project here: Over the Hill

He has asked some of the biggest names in the business to photograph him, so when his invite came in I felt very honoured to have been asked and excited about what I could do that would be different to the rest. I looked at many of the images on his site and I admit I slightly panicked, some are very theatrical and elaborate, not at all how I photograph. I then calmed down and thought about what I wanted to do in my style. My thing is natural images of people in their own environments. So I was very happy when Tim opened his front door to his beautiful home in Brighton, I could have shot in any room really. The nerves of photographing someone whom has been previously photographed by 334 other great photographers, I was no.335, all faded away. I had a lovely morning chatting with him in his sitting room whilst he tackled a, what seemed to be near impossible, jigsaw. We chatted about loss, marriage, possessions and Wings! After the shoot came to its natural conclusion he made us some very tasty scrambled eggs, just like the ones my mum used to.

His title for my image is Tranquility, which perfectly sums up our day. Thank you Tim.




Edgelands – Bleeding London project

I spent this morning finally getting round to properly start shooting for a group project I’m working on. Along with hundreds of other London photographers we are part of a project trying to photography every street in London. Bleeding London: “Inspired by Geoff Nicholson’s Whitbread short-listed novel Bleeding London, in which a character named Stuart London walks the complete length and breadth of London, the project aims to collect at least one photograph from every street in the capital” I’ve joined up with a group concentration on photographing the edges of London, as we felt these parts may be overlooked, my area is around Addington, an area I’d never been to. Being a central London girl born and bred I haven’t spent much time in the burbs, they have always seemed to me a rather odd and uninviting place. If you can get over the city centre centric thinking it’s actually quite nice there, not somewhere I ever wish to live but there are real gems, like turning a corner and discovering a field of ponies, or a beautiful church, though luckily it was a beautiful sunny day today, if it hadn’t been I think my view may have been quite different. Here with a few of the first images, more to follow soon.


_MG_7845 _MG_8095 _MG_7899 _MG_7745 _MG_7680 _MG_7764 _MG_7694 _MG_7824 _MG_7839 _MG_7877 _MG_7901 _MG_7981  _MG_8001 _MG_8046 _MG_8053 _MG_8074  _MG_8170 _MG_8191

The floods.

I’ve just spent the weekend surrounded by flood water in Gloucestershire, it’s quite some sight, much more amazing than you get from seeing it on the news. The water is both imposing and incredibly calming at the same time. Standing by the fields upon fields full of murky water, you hear the beautiful noise of moving water at your feet, but you are reminded that nature is ultimately the boss,  even though our actions over time have caused this we really have no control of it now. There was something rather lovely about seeing nature take back our very human possessions; roads, dustbins, goalpost, bossy English signs and treat them with no respect.  It reminds me how small and insignificant humans really are when faced by big mummer earth, she’s in control big time.


The Wye; my solo show at Hereford Photography Month.

My solo show opened last week part of the Hereford Photography Month, a series of exhibitions and events to generate support to hopefully reinstate the Hereford Photography festival next year. I showed The Wye project, which is the commission I won at the last Hereford Photography festival. The commission was awarded every year to one photographer to create a local project. I looked at Hereford’s local waterway; The River Wye. I spent many months travelling along the river, walking a great deal of it. I discovered it was not as much a hub of activity as I had first imagined, at times it was the complete opposite, spending many lonely days along the riverbank: just me, my camera and a backpack for company.

Here are some images of my show, and also a link to more info. If you find yourself in that neck of the woods between now and the 22nd November please take a look, also on show are Sophie Gerrard and Dan Haworth-Salter, amongst other great shows & talks.